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Send me “Smack!” and my character will react to yours smacking them after…They were rude to somebody


"You’re seriously that mad about how I was talking to him? What am I supposed to do? Have tea with the giant that smacked me into the fucking ceiling?!” 

"No, but you are a guest here, and he just cooked you dinner. The least you can do is be polite!” Ienzo took a deep breath, then sighed. “i shouldn’t have hit you, though. Sorry.”


uncoveredillusions asked:

(Found like this) Even if he was afraid of the Replica, he wasn't going to let him stay hurt like this. So Ienzo carefully knelt in front of him, hand outstretched. "Hey, can you hear me? I'm here to help, I promise."

theotherpuppet answered:

At first, he didn’t move. Not a single sign that he even acknowledge Ienzo’s presence. He grippped his upper arm a little tighter, a tinge of red leaving the fabric and further staining his hands. 

The hand reaching for him was clean, smooth. It didn’t look like the hand of a person accustomed to weaponry; at leas not in the conventional sense. 

Wary eyes traveled up to meet the young man’s, the replica’s gaze every bit as much as an injured animal. It wouldn’t take much for him to either accept the kind gesture, or simply snap and run. 

"…" He shook his head, not entirely willing to take his hand. After all, he’d known him from his own past and memories. In one way or another he had killed him. Surely that hadn’t been forgotten. 




"…What?" He asked, glancing over at Ienzo, confused. "No, I… don’t you know about the ha…. h…"

He’d had more to say, but the very act of opening the massive door had the replica on age. Ienzo hadn’t lied, there was certainly more color to the place, but… the smell was the same, at least to him. He hadn’t even stepped inside yet and it felt like the walls were starting to close in…

"I… It’s big.”

Ienzo could understand the Replica’s nervousness. Castles probably didn’t hold the best memories for him, after all. But this one was safe, and he’d do his best to help the Replica understand that.

First, though, he needed to keep him calm.

"It is big. And it’s far less confusing than Castle Oblivion." He cocked his head slightly. "What were you saying before that?

The replica said nothing at first; he was too distracted by the immensity of the castle to really focus in on much else. 

"… It feels like it’s the same… almost," he murmured, swallowing the lump in his throat. He didn’t like this place, and every minute that dislike grew and grew. He had yet to recognize his own trembling. 

"… I don’t like this place."

"It’s not, I promise." Even if the Replica hadn’t noticed his trembling, Ienzo had. After a moment, he gently placed a hand on the other’s forearm, trying to keep him grounded.

"I know you don’t. But this is the only place that I can absolutely promise is safe that I can also access right now. Give me a little time to heal you, and then you can leave right after. Ok?"


Touch my muse! Touching is a quiet way of conveying your feelings, so tell me how you feel with your touch!

  • Top of head: Sibling affection/parental affection
  • Hair: Yearning
  • Ear: "I want you to hear me out."
  • Nose: "You're so cute."
  • Cheek: "I want to tell you I love you."/Deep affection/Devotion
  • Neck: Dislike/Hate/Disdain
  • Shoulder: Worry/Concern for other/Fear
  • Waist: Possessiveness/"You are mine."
  • Over the heart: "I love you."
  • Butt: Sexual attractiveness/lust
  • Hip: Interest
  • Back: Wanting to kill/will betray you one day
  • Stomach: Fun!/Silliness/"Wanna go cause some trouble?"
  • Forearm: Indifference/Don't particularly care for
  • Biceps: Aggravation/Irritation/"You are an idiot."
  • Fingers: Friendship/amicable
  • Wrist: Fear of losing you
  • Knee: "Don't worry, I'm here for you."
  • Chin: Beauty/attractiveness
  • Thigh: Sympathy/empathy
  • Calves: "I will cause you pain."
  • Feet: "I will serve you forever."/Deep devotion and and feelings of servitude/extreme fealty