Jellicle Kittens



Ienzo blinked as the bedroom was revealed. It was rather plain, true, but there was something on the bed in that basket, something that made him walk in independent of Sora’s push-pulling.

He picked up the note on top of the basket, frowning curiously as he began to read it. It took longer than it probably should have to read, but his frown slowly became a warm, bewildered smile. He set the note aside onto the bedspread, then plucked the plushie from the basket and plopped down, tugging Sora so he’d follow.

This was weird to him, no question. His own room to decorate however he liked, an owner who wasn’t really an owner, and a friend who was allowed to stay? It barely made sense. But right now, he had a plushie to toy with and a friend to cuddle and purr at, so he was good.

Sora trotted in with Ienzo, then stood, shifting from foot to foot while he listened, trying to figure out what Ienzo was doing from the quiet rustle of paper and the movement of stuffing.

"Eep!" He hadn’t been expecting the tug, to be sure, but Sora found himself plopping beside Ienzo anyway when his feet slid from underneath him. Surprise gave way to giggling soon enough, however, and Sora snuggled up against Ienzo, reaching up to feel for his face.

"Zzzoh?" Sora couldn’t help his fingers. He couldn’t see smiles, after all, and he wanted to know if this was okay. He hoped so, though. He wanted Ienzo to stay; he liked him.

It wasn’t much longer until Lea was poking her head out of the kitchen, however, peering through the living room toward the stairs visible through the doorway to the hall. The little thumps of movement had stilled upstairs. “I hope you two are being good and are ready for dinner!” There was nothing but a smile in her voice, of course, though she did hope they were ready to eat. By the time they got downstairs again she would have everything ready.

Ienzo blinked as Sora squeaked-he hadn’t meant to do that. But the giggling made his frown and twitching tail relax, and he nuzzled into the hand that was reaching for his face, purring and smiling. The sound of his ‘name’ made him purr harder for a moment-he was happy and all was good.

His hands had been wandering over the giant technicolor rabbit plushie, and they finally found the paws. The crinkling sound made him pause, ears swiveling as he poked at the paws, then grin and turn his attention to them. He didn’t claw at them, not wanting to damage his new toy, but his fingers endlessly massaged them, the sound taking up most of his attention for a bit.

Lea’s voice broke through to him, though, and made him glance up, ears pricked. His purring paused for a moment, and he poked at Sora with his nose-do we go downstairs?


uncoveredillusions asked:

(Found like this) Even if he was afraid of the Replica, he wasn't going to let him stay hurt like this. So Ienzo carefully knelt in front of him, hand outstretched. "Hey, can you hear me? I'm here to help, I promise."

theotherpuppet answered:

At first, he didn’t move. Not a single sign that he even acknowledge Ienzo’s presence. He grippped his upper arm a little tighter, a tinge of red leaving the fabric and further staining his hands. 

The hand reaching for him was clean, smooth. It didn’t look like the hand of a person accustomed to weaponry; at leas not in the conventional sense. 

Wary eyes traveled up to meet the young man’s, the replica’s gaze every bit as much as an injured animal. It wouldn’t take much for him to either accept the kind gesture, or simply snap and run. 

"…" He shook his head, not entirely willing to take his hand. After all, he’d known him from his own past and memories. In one way or another he had killed him. Surely that hadn’t been forgotten. 






He’d be lying if it he said that news didn’t surprise him. Vex— or whatever his name was now. He was scared of him? A replica that he created?

"I-I… okay," he said, nodding to Ienzo. He didn’t take his hand. "We can go, I’ll… just follow."

Even was. The Replica was far stronger than he was, after all, and that was not conducive to his further survival if the Replica still held a grudge. If he found out that the Replica was here, he would probably go out of his way to stay hidden.

"Ok, then." Ienzo dropped his hand, then offered the Replica a small smile before starting toward the stairs ahead of them. "It’s not far, promise."

"Alright, you lead," He said, gesturing to the hallway. "Riku was here before but I don’t think he was in the castle when it was… more put together."

Ienzo nodded. “No, he definitely wouldn’t have been, judging by the condition we found it in.” Which might actually help the Replica somewhat, as his memories wouldn’t match up properly.

He led the way up the steps and down the resulting hall, then stopped in front of a plain wooden door. He pulled it open to reveal a bedroom with blue walls and a soft-looking bed, then smiled at the Replica. “Here you go. Go ahead and sit on the bed if you want.”

It was strange, this room was certainly… comfortable looking, but the Replica was no less at ease being in it. He still felt smothered inside of this place. Even with the open window nearby he still longed to go back outside in the open air. 

"… I’d rather stand up."

"That’s fine." Ienzo would have preferred it if the Replica had sat down, both for his sake and because it would make it a little easier to treat him. But he could work with this.

He was careful not to stand in between the Replica and the door as he moved to look at his most obviously injured arm. “Can I get you to roll up your sleeve for me? If that’s too painful and you’re comfortable with it, you can take your shirt off.”